A good Anglican Three Pointer

30 Sep

I am very surprised that you guys are still reading my blog, considering I haven’t written anything decent for about a month.

So, if you’re still reading…well done, I’m sorry I have failed at blogging for the last little while.

I am currently lying on my sofa, tucked up in my ‘mum-made’ quilt, still in my PJs at 12.11pm, with wires trailing all over the room, feeling ill. I have had an excessively busy and stressful couple of weeks and now I have actually stopped rushing around for my day off my body is rebelling. It’s good to have a quilt day every so often though so I’m not complaining

Firstly, why haven’t I been blogging?
I would like to say it is because I have been jetting off to exotic places and doing lots of exciting things, but it wouldn’t be strictly true. We have done a few nice things but mostly life has involved rushing around, organising meetings and presentations, coordinating volunteers and just conducting boring real life.

Beach Pebbles

Josh is working quite a lot of evenings and night shifts so we are hardly seeing each other which is weird and difficult. But I mustn’t complain because we are both really happy that he has a job that he loves. However, it does mean that when I get back from work I am less inclined to sit on the computer and instead try and escape a quiet and empty house by reading a book or watching a film.


Secondly, what’s the news?
NightLight is going through a ridiculously busy time at the moment (why do things always come at once?). We have been preparing for a big conference which takes place this Saturday (keep your eyes peeled for the new NightLight video which I should be posting soon and am excessively happy about), but have also been trying to coordinate volunteers to go out Thursday – Saturday of this week to look after any student freshers’ who drink so much that they can’t look after themselves.

I feels strange that it is that time of year again. The population of Aberystwyth has doubled in size since the students have got back, and it completely changes the feel of the town. Not necessarily a bad change, but something to get used to nevertheless. 

We’ve also started our Welsh classes again which is fun, but means that I have to make up five extra hours of work during the week.
Hmmm….I thought this blog was meant to be about striving for a simple life?!

Thirdly…The most memorable thing from the last few weeks was a trip to the nearby sand dunes for a friend’s birthday. I had to take my car because lots of people went. You have to drive out on the sand to park (…those of you who know me will know how thrilled I was about that. I hate driving). What I didn’t realise it that tide comes in ridiculously quickly. One moment the tide was right out and night was falling, the next moment we realised a van and horse box some way along the beach had got trapped by the incoming tide. Within ten minutes our cars were nearly cut off by the tide and we had to quickly move them.
Rather bizarrely there were about 30 chavs all driving around as I was trying to manoeuvre out which brought me MUCH joy.


Right, Josh has just got back from a meeting in Lampeter so I’m going to go and make the most of the rest of my day off.

Sorry this isn’t an interesting, intelligent or witty post, but don’t complain – It’s better than nothing!


3 Responses to “A good Anglican Three Pointer”

  1. Keith September 30, 2009 at 11:16 pm #

    I thought it was baptists who were known for the three pointers. I thought Anglican sermons were supposed to be pointless.

  2. Chloe September 30, 2009 at 11:26 pm #

    I loved your post! I think it’s good to know about your life, even though it’s being boring… right now. But it’s good to hear from you, and know you’re still alive! 😛
    I’m sorry Josh is working so many evenings!! Hope those night shifts change soon!! 🙂

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