Five Fact Friday

15 Jan

I’ve been planning to make a regular ‘Five Fact Friday’ slot for about…hmmm….8 months? Somehow I have never got round to it.
I would like to say that this is now going to be a weekly occurrence, but let’s be honest with my track record it probably won’t!

 But anyway, at least I’m doing one today. So without further ado, here are five facts about life in the past few weeks.

 1. Britain has been experiencing a ‘big freeze’ since just before Christmas. However, much to my driving delight snow has stubbornly refused to fall in any great quantity in Aberystwyth. However, I will admit that snow is fun to play in from time to time and so Josh and I have been able to go exploring into the countryside just outside of Aberystwyth, where in places, the drifts were up to our shoulders. More photos to follow.


2. While things outside are freezing, I certainly managed to warm things up in my kitchen last week. While cooking Veggy Bolognese I leant over the hob and unknowingly dangled my sleeve in the flame. The first thing I knew about it was flames rushing up my arm!! I automatically started brushing at the flames, expecting to feel pain at any moment and then realised that, thankfully, I had managed to pat out the flames. My favourite cardigan doesn’t even have a mark on it!

 3. One of my new year resolutions is to keep my house tidy and to keep on top of the chores. It’s going okay so far. I’ve even been seen doing ironing. Shock!

 4. My other resolution is to read the bible in the year. I’m using a bible specifically printed for that reason which has each day printed with several readings from old and new testament. I would definitely recommend it as physiologically it makes it feel more manageable, and you can see you are physically getting through the bible, rather than having to flick back and forward to the different passages.

 5. Work is continuing to jog along slowly, with a quiet start to the year. You know, just the normal office jobs…like chasing birds around church that have come in to shelter from the cold, and breaking up warring gangs of youths who like to use my bookshop books as missiles! Grr.


2 Responses to “Five Fact Friday”

  1. Rachael January 15, 2010 at 3:15 pm #

    You’ve had quite an interesting time! I’m sorry to hear about the warring youths, sounds positively terrifying! You’re lucky that you’ve missed the snow – we haven’t (as you know). The snow was quite ridiculous but now is melting and hopefully will continue to do so!

  2. Chloe January 15, 2010 at 5:02 pm #

    I like this post! 🙂
    Did you know it snowed here in Seville (Spain)? It’s the first time in 56 years!! I’ll post some pictures next week!

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