The mystery is solved

19 Feb

It’s officially official…I can’t see 3D movies.


I have wondered about it for a long time, even back in the days when you were given goofy cardboard specs with green and red lenses, but I was never sure until now.

You see, I have a lazy eye. I had it corrected when I was about five but by that time damage was already done. My brain couldn’t cope with the fact my left eye wasn’t cooperating and so it just filtered out most of my vision. I can still see using the eye but the vision isn’t great.

With the new trend of 3D cinema it got me worrying about whether I would be able to see anything, or whether everything would be blurry and I’d just feel sea sick.

Last night we went to see Toy Story 2 in 3D to welcome back Thomas and Rachael who are visiting Aberystwth this week.

Thankfully I COULD see the film. Things looked blurry when I had the glasses off, but with them on things became clear…like normal.

HOWEVER, I couldn’t see things in 3D. It was just like watching a normal film, nothing felt like it was coming out of the screen right towards me.

So, now I know. I guess it doesn’t matter that much. Am I missing out? Is 3D cinema going to be the future?


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