30 Days

8 Nov

Howdy and welcome to day one of my 30 days blogging challenge. This idea comes from Becca over at Life in Techicolour. Each day, for thirty days Becca gives prompt for something to blog about.

I’ve been out of blogging for so long I’ve got out of the habit. It’s not that I don’t want to write, but I need the motivation to post. I hope this will give me that impetus! 

Okay…so the first prompt: A recent photo of you and the meaning behind your blog name


This photo was taken this year on holiday in Northumberland. The rest of our friends had gone to a nearby city, but Josh and I escaped to the moor above the house we were staying in. It was filled with grouse that would fly up in front of us at the last minute, which was terrifying!

Stick around this blog for long enough and it should become pretty clear that the name ‘Dreaming of the Country’ comes from my love of the countryside and nature.

I grew up in a little village on Dartmoor and came to Aberystwyth to study Countryside Management. However, when I graduated I started work as an office administrator. Now I spend my days locked away in a pokey little office. I love my job but it doesn’t stop me getting outside at every opportunity, and I’ll be sure to take my camera.

This blog is mainly a place where I can post my photos and keep family up to date with what we’re up to, but it’s also a place where I can look back at my exploits on rainy, dark days and remind myself that there really is a world beautiful world out there!


One Response to “30 Days”

  1. Maureen November 8, 2010 at 10:30 pm #

    Hey, you’re back! I think the 30 day challenge is a great way to get back into blogging. I’ve been thinking about trying it myself.

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