Day Three: Habits

10 Nov

I just went and asked Josh what my worst habit was and he told me is was ‘worrying about things before they happen.’

I suppose it’s true really. Take today – Josh went off for an adventure in the mountains and I was convinced he was going to fall off a cliff, into a bog where he would be savaged by wild animals and slowly freeze to death.


He just rolled his eyes at me and went anyway, and as he’s safely washing up in the kitchen right now I can confirm that I worried unnecessarily.


On another note – Josh’s trip today was super interesting. We recently bought a book about the people and history of our area, and today’s trip was to seek out some of the houses featured in the book, which had been in farming families for generations but are now just ruined.


I want to blog more about this soon, but as my other worst habit is not fulfilling my blogging promises don’t hold your breath.


Sorry for the short post, but my husband is taking me out for dinner 🙂


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