8 Jan

I’m very excited about my New Year’s resolution for 2011 and I’m glad to be finally in the thick of it.

So, my resolution for this year is:

Not to buy anything unless I ‘need’ it – and if I do feel like I need it I have to wait for a month and pray about it before buying it.

[This obviously doesn’t include food or day-to-day items. However, I am trying to consider all my purchases and decide whether they are necessary.]

Point 1
Although it will (hopefully) be an added bonus, saving money isn’t the aim of this resolution. It’s actually about discipline and learning to live on what I need and not what I want.

During the last year I have de-cluttered my house A LOT. I’ve learnt to be less sentimental about what I need in my life. However, there is still a long way to go. I wouldn’t say that I’m a spend-a-holic by a long way, but I do love to have pretty things about me and I’m sometimes bad with impulse buys for the house, or in buying snacks or take-away drinks on my way home from work.
I’m not saying having nice things around you is bad at all. I just feel like I need to discipline myself a bit more and learn to go without.

For example, for the last few months there have been several items that instead of buying straight away I waited to put on my Christmas list. Now, whenever I look at, or use those gifts it brings me so much joy! I’ve been making do without and now they seem like a luxury!

Point 2
I want to use this resolution to help make me trust God more. God is amazing! He provides for us in so many ways and most of the time I totally take it for granted. There have been times in the past where God has provided amazingly for us – I’m talking thousands of pounds completely unexpectedly just when we needed it.

Instead of rushing out and buying everything that I think is my ‘right’ I want to try and live more simply and enjoy the blessings that God gives us.
And that’s where the waiting for a month and praying comes in. Take a couple of examples from last month: 

–          I really wanted a cozy white cardigan for the winter. I looked at an expensive one in a local shop, prayed about it, but thought that I would wait as it was just a want and not a need. Then in a swap party we had the next week I found one which was perfect, for free!

–          I was also looking at some embroidered hearts in a craft shop a few days ago. Totally useless but oh-so-pretty! I didn’t get them because of my new year resolution, but then the next day these arrived in the post as a late Christmas present!…


God provides for us and he blesses us with things we don’t even need just because he loves us!

I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m expecting God to ‘grant all my wishes’. That’s not what all this is about at all.
I just look forward to being able to continue to testify how amazing God’s provision is, while having the extra money to spend in more creative and generous ways which will glorify him, rather than continue to tie me to our materialistic culture.

Oh yeah, and my other resolution is to get fit…but we all know that that will turn out!


5 Responses to “2011”

  1. Rachel February 2, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    Very good resolutions!

    That’s so amazing that you didn’t buy the heart, but ended up getting it as a present!

    And good idea about the decluttering…that’s been one of my resolutions this year as well, especially now that I’m “nesting” LOL!


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