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All change. New Blog!

9 May

Rather terrifyingly, after three years blogging with WordPress…

I’ve moved

Will you please, please, pretty please come and join me at ?

Don’t forget to change your bookmarks and feeds!
Check it out and let me know what you think!


Photo Finalist

8 May

Hi Friends,

Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.

I’ve been chosen as a finalist for Little Something’s photo competition for my photo of a lizard . Please take a moment to head over to her website and vote for the photo you think is best.

{Me! Pick me!}


5 May

This week I’m entering the ‘Little Somethings’ photo challenge again.

Except this time the title was ‘animals’.

How on earth am I meant to choose between the many wonderful wildlife moments I have had the pleasure of capturing? Killer Whales, Puffins or Bonxies in Shetland or Dolphins in Pembokeshire or butterflies in flower meadows…so much to choose from!

In the end I chose this photo because it was one of the first I ever took with my SLR. We saw this lizard on a fence post and so I ever-so-carefully scrambled up the bank, extended my arm and stood on one leg to get within shooting distance and clicked. A split second after the shutter went off this little guy darted off into the undergrowth so I couldn’t quite believe I’d got a decent in-focus shot.

Ohh…how I love taking photos!

Blog Bible Study

4 May

I’m back! Sorry I haven’t been posting with BBS for a few weeks but things have been hectic. I’ve been reading the chapters even though I haven’t been posting.

Sneaky Momma Blog Design 

Chapter 13, “A Heart That Makes A House A Home.”

I loved this week’s chapter. I’ve always loved making my home welcoming for visitors, but more recently I’ve been focussing more on making it a home for Josh and me. I especially love the idea of making the home a haven for my husband…somewhere he’ll look forward to coming home to. This chapter made me think again what that means, and reminded me that it’s not all about the house being tidy and welcoming; It’s all about me too. If he comes home and has me nagging in his ear straight away, that’s not going to make a very welcome haven is it?!

The Business of Building — To gain a better understanding of what it means to make a house a home, write out Proverbs 14:1 :

 The wise woman builds, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands

Creating the atmosphere. As we start, take the temperature of your own home. Share a few words that describe typical daily life under your roof:

Normally I’m up and out before Josh is awake as I work days and he works nights. I’ll nip back home at lunch and normally straighten out the house a little if I have time.
Josh will do the dishes in the afternoon before I get back from work. If Josh isn’t working we’ll spend the evening together. If he is working, and I haven’t got other things on, I’ll spend the evening cooking and clearing up the house.

Now look up the scriptures and check the ones that you most need to apply in order to build your home into all that you and God want it to be….

  • Proverbs 15:1 : A soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger
  • Proverbs 15:13:: A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken
  • Proverbs 16:24 :: Pleasant words are like honeycomb sweetness to the soul and health to the bones
  • Proverbs 31:26 :: She opens her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness

These four verses stuck out at me especially. As I mentioned before I feel like I need to remind myself {daily} that to make our house a home for Josh I need to NOT be a crazy nagging housewife. It really means a lot to me that our house is tidy and in order, or I just feel a bit stressed. If I come home and the house is mess I have a tendency to snap and complain at Josh straight away. I need to stop and ask God to help me have a cheerful countenance; normally the house isn’t too bad anyway!

A Heartfelt Prayer – Lord, just for today, help me make my house a home by…..having a cheerful attitude while making my house more of a haven for my husband and for others who visit.

I have loved this chapter girls! Can’t wait to see what you thought…

{Belated} Weekend recap

4 May

This weekend has been mad. Lots of university friends descended on Aber for the bank holiday weekend so we had lots of fun seeing them.

Then it was back to work on Tuesday to a HUUUGEE to-do list and overflowing in-tray. It’s my day off today though so it’ll all have to wait for tomorrow!

What did you do for the Royal Wedding? We watched it with lots of our friends, and then went to a tea party in the afternoon. I’m not that bothered by the royal family {am I allowed to say that?!} but I’m glad we shared this momentous day with our friends doing something fun. I’ll be able to remember it for years to come.

Also…it’s my friend Naomi’s birthday today. Why not stop over at her blog and say hello?

Sunday Joy

1 May

Just a quick post from me today wondering if you heard about the Easter Celebration held by Mars Hill church in Seattle last weekend?

I watched it last night and thought it was great. I know lots of people have an issue with Mark Driscoll, but you can’t deny that God is working through their ministry in Seattle.
They had over 18000 people packed into a stadium and had over 700 baptisms at the end of the service for anyone who wanted to become Christians. So exciting!

The baptisms start at about 1hr 3mins on the video. I especially love the guy at 1hr 18 mins when the dad gets in the pool to baptise his son. He looks so happy and it made me completely tear up!

Please watch it if you want some encouragement and JOY!

Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

27 Apr

I bought new shoes today.

Do you like?

I’m not very good at buying new clothes but I’ve needed to buy some new pumps for about a year and a half now. My feet get wet whenever it rains at the moment!

However, I’m a bit attached to my old brown pumps. The first time I ever wore them was on one of my first dates with Josh. We were going to the cinema and they rubbed my feet so much that it made them bleed and I could hardly walk on the way home…so Josh carried me 🙂 Happy memories!
Once I broke them in they were super comfy and I wear them most days in the summer.

I hope this pair will be as well used and as well loved.

What about you? Whatcha wearing this Wednesday? Head over to Chloe’s to link up.

More exciting post

27 Apr

This week I’m happy because I’m ON HOLIDAY! And thanks to Will and Kate I only had to take three days off work to get a nine day holiday…whoop!

So far we’ve been having a great time. Josh’s parents and sister were visiting over the weekend and yesterday we went out for lunch with some friends.

Today Josh has been working so I’ve had a deliciously selfish day and have read in bed and gone shopping {shhh…don’t mention the New Years Resolution} and pottered round the house. It has been looovveely.

I’m also happy because I got more exciting post today…and it included CHOCOLATE.

The lovely Erin sent me some sweet Easter treats all the way from Canada.

…including some mini eggs {my absolute fav!}.


I have eaten FAR too much chocolate this afternoon – but that’s what holidays are for? Right?

Thanks for my great Easter package Erin. I loved it!

My Beautiful Disaster

Happy Wednesday 🙂