Aberystwyth NightLight

NightLight now has a new website abernightlight.co.uk



The aim of the project is to be a presence out on the streets of Aberystwyth between 11pm – 3am each Saturday night. We’re not acting on behalf of the police or the council, we are simply there to help anyone who needs us, whether that be a helping hand to a taxi, a listening ear, or even a pair of flip flops to girls who can’t make it home in their heels. 


We are a mixture of volunteers from all the churches in Aberystwyth. There are around 50 volunteers in all. We have support from the police and the council so that we can work in the most effective way together.

Why do we do it? As Christians we believe one of the greatest commandments God gives us is to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. This doesn’t just mean our friends or relatives; it means anyone we might come across. Christians are often seen as very condemnatory of pubs and clubs. However, while we don’t necessarily agree with going out and getting really drunk, we also don’t want to judge those that do. Instead we want to love those in our community, and that means trying to help and protect people that put themselves in vulnerable positions on a Saturday night.

Come and see us! We’ll be out in Aberystwyth every Saturday night from 11pm- 3am wearing blue jackets. Come and say hello!



For the NightLight article from the Cambrian News click here

For the Ceredigion County Council information on the project click here

Search facebook for Aberystwyth NightLight to join our NightLight group! 


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