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Raspberry and White Chocolate Trifle

10 Jul


Just a quick and simple post because my brain is completely fried from learning Welsh and I can hardly string a sensible sentence together (Welsh is going well by the way. It’s hard but I’m loving it).

This recipe is amazing. It’s fairly simple to make but looks impressive and tastes great! I think I originally got it from a BBC Good Food Magazine so I’m not taking any credit! The only change I have made is that I use good quality raspberry jam (heated up) instead of coulis because no where seems to sell it in Aber. I also didn’t use the kisch because I couldn’t be bothered to buy any!!!

White Chocolate & Raspberry Trifle 

225g white chocolate
4 egg yolks
50g sugar
300ml milk
300ml double cream
1 large swiss roll
2 tbsp kisch
450g raspberries (I used less than this – about 300g and it was okay)
8tbsp raspberry coulis

  1. The day before serving put 50g of the chocolate in the fridge then roughly chop the rest. Cream together the egg yolks and sugar until pale. Put the milk and cream intoa pan and bring almost to the boil, then pour this onto the egg mixture, stirring all the time. Put the mixture back into the pan and stir with a wooden spoon on a low heat until it thickens.
  2. Take the pan from the heat and add chopped chocolate. Stir in to melt and leave the custard to cool.
    Then cut up the swiss roll into finger-thick slices and place them round the base of a serving dish (it looks more impressive if you use a glass one!) and sprinkle with the kisch. Cover with 300g of the raspberries and the coulis, the pour over the custard and leave to set.
  3. When you are ready to serve, decorate with the remaining raspberries and grate the rest of the chocolate over the top. Serve and enjoy!

Sea bass Recipe

19 Jul

It really annoys me when people say they don’t eat properly because they don’t have enough time. If you think that, you just don’t know how to cook.

We had such a lovely, simply lunch the other day…Sea bass with olive bread and crunchy courgette and rocket salad and it took about 10 minutes to prepare.

Simply squeeze some lemon juice together with some good olive oil and season. Use a speed peeler to achieve ‘strips’ of courgette and add it to the dressing, with some rocket and finely chopped chillies and basil.


Panfry the Sea Bass with a little butter. Skin side down first, fry it for a couple of minutes on each side until it’s flaky and the skin is turning golden.


Toss the salad together using your fingers, making sure everything is covered in the dressing. Serve and enjoy!


If you wanted to serve this as a main meal, why not dish it up with some mashed potato?


(This is originally a Jamie Oliver recipe from Jamie Oliver at Home)