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Love Film?

11 Apr

Josh and I love to watch films. Although I haven’t seen many of the classics that you find in the ‘Top 50 to see before you die’ charts I have probably seen an above average amount of films.


We don’t have a TV because (a) it’s a luxury we can’t really afford at the moment and (b) there are only a couple of programmes we actually enjoy watching and the rest is trash which wastes your time and stops you actually spending time together (sorry, I won’t even start ranting on about that!) so watching films on our laptop is a good way to relax when we just want to slump on the sofa, eat, and not think.

We have just joined up to Lovefilm.com which offers DVDs through the post with a variety of different options and tariffs giving you different numbers of DVDs over different time periods (incidentally there is a freebie here – they give 2 weeks free trial with no obligation). We’re not sure if it going to be worth it as we don’t really spend that much on DVDs at the moment as we borrow them off others, but then don’t often get the titles we really want to see!


The last two films we have watched have both been based on true life events.  ‘World Trade Centre’ and ‘Into the Wild’.


World Trade Centre…well you don’t really need me to give you a synopsis of that. We all know what happened on September 11th 2001. This is a really good film, sensitively done too. However, I didn’t really like it and I wish I hadn’t watched it. I guess I could be accused of hiding my head in the sand a little but it just reminded me that this type of thing is happening every day and that the risk is always there of it happening again on such a big scale. Although you could say the film had a ‘happy’ ending it still brought back the pain that so many families must have felt that day. You could say it’s good to remember (the good that came out of that day, as well as the bad) but I still prefer not to be as it just made me upset.


Into the Wild is based on the life of Christopher McCandless a college graduate who decided to cut free, burn his money and travel round America. Although the film doesn’t shy away from the negative and more selfish angle of what he did it does portray things in quite a romantic way and makes you feel like you should live a more carefree lifestyle.

However, he may have had an exciting time but reading around after watching the film just highlights that he wasn’t really prepared for what he got himself into and his actions were pretty selfish. I think the outcome echoes that. Having said that I would really recommend this as a well shot and interesting film. I just think you need to read around the subject a bit more if you are actually interested in the real person behind the story.



18 Jan

I’m always a one for saving money wherever possible and I have just found a bargain so I thought I would share it with you.

Jessops online photo printing service ‘Snapfish’  offer 20 free photo prints when you sign up to them. Many printing services do this, and you can save quite a bit by joining lots and claiming all your free prints!
However, Jessops has got an added bonus. On most of these schemes you have to pay postage and packaging, but with Jessops you can choose to pick up your prints from any store and not pay any postage and packaging…meaning you really are getting something for nothing, and getting exercise walking to the shop into the bargain!!