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Aber Bucket List #9: achieved

6 May

Firstly, {and this won’t mean anything to people who don’t watch British TV or don’t care about nature} Spring Watch is coming to Ynys-Hir.

Yeeeaaah! That’s our patch! So excited!
I’m totally going to end up stalking the presenters around Aberystwyth like a FREAK!

Anyway …the real reason for this post is our Aberystwyth Bucket List.

Strata Florida Abbey was originally founded in 1164 and was a pretty influential place for hundreds of years. Nowa days it’s just a ruin but I’ve wanted to go and visit for a while now and last week we managed to make it out there.

It’s such a beautiful spot and if you ever get the chance to visit, go! It was so quiet and there were birds everywhere. We got great views of Redstarts as there must have been about 8 individuals flitting about.

There is also a grave-yard there which I was pretty excited about visiting. Dafydd ap Gwilym is buried there BUT I was more interested in…

The leg grave. Duh duh duuuuhhhh…
{Can you tell how thrilled Josh was at me making him pose? haha}

Apparently some guy had to had his leg amputated in the 1800s and so he had it buried here with a stone, inscription and picture of his leg. Amused me greatly.

We then headed up into the mountains to walk to the Teifi Pools.
On the way we met this little guy.

I haven’t had such good views of a stoat before so this was very exciting.

It was SUCH a beautiful day and we had a lovely time walking up the valley to the pools. Definitely worth being on the bucket list.
One down…nine to go;

Josh and Rachel’s Aberystwyth Bucket List

1. Watch the sun rise from Pendinas {the hill above the town}
2. See the submerged forest in Borth
3. Visit Soar y Mynydd
4. Buy a love spoon
5. Walk from Llanfair Clydogau to Tregaron
6. Have a bonfire and BBQ on the beach
7. Have a meal at the Harbour Master
8. Go dancing with all the gang
9. Visit Strata Florida
10. See Aberystwyth from the sea

I’ll leave you with this sheep. Notice anything weird?!


Gwlad, Gwlad!

24 Feb

My day off started badly today when we realised that someone had stolen all the hub-caps off our car AGAIN. I’ve been trying to tell myself all day that it doesn’t really matter and it’s only £30 or so, but I just can’t help being really frustrated. This is the second time we’ve had all our hubcaps taken, and we’ve also had our aerial taken – from a church carpark! Why can’t people have respect for other people’s property.  RAAAGH.

So, where should you go when you’re having a bad day?

We drove up into the Snowdonia National Park for a rather misty walk in the hills above Happy Valley.

We climbed up into the hills to Llyn Barfog (or the Bearded Lake). This area is the setting for a local legend about King Arthur. The story goes that a terrible monster lived in the lake and continually raided local villages. When King Arthur heard about this he went to the lake, threw a huge chain around the monster and killed it.

Apparently at the right time of year the lake is completely covered by water lilies, but even in February it was still a beautiful place to have our dinner.
Homemade lemon drizzle cake and chocolate cookies with a view like this? Lunch can’t get any better!

Then we walked down to the beach to chase some waves.

I never want to take the beauty of Wales for granted! We are very lucky to live here.

Who needs a car to go somewhere fun?

10 Feb

Today the sun was shining and we were determined to enjoy our day off so we set off in the car to Pontrhydygroes to try and spot the Golden Eagle which has been hanging around there recently. However, apparently our car had other ideas because a few minutes into our journey every time we accelerated the car would lose power and judder. It was especially bad on steep hills and when the engine light came on we decided to head back because “ITS GOING TO EXPLODE!!!” [that was my helpful input into the situation]. Anyone know anything about cars? We’re hoping it’s not going to be too difficult to fix.

Anyway, I was in a strop because I really wanted to do something with my day off so we decided to catch the first bus we saw when we were back in Aber and go on an adventure. We happened upon the 526 which took us up into the hills near Penrhyncoch, and we had a lovely walk!

We walked up into the hills from the village…

…before turning off the road and plunging down into a dark pine plantation. The light was amazing, picking out hundreds of dazzling rain-droplets everywhere we looked.

Everything smelt lovely, it wasn’t too cold and you could tell that things are getting ready to burst into life in a few weeks. I’m so glad we managed to get outside this week!

If you go down to the woods today…

19 Mar

My favourite walks are the ones you have by accident.

The ones when you simply meander.


The ones that happen when you decide to take a new path and you find something beautiful.


The ones were you have fun.


The ones you know you’ll remember forever…

It’s getting ‘otter round here

11 Feb

Excuse me while I go and do a little dance…


…okay, sorry – I’m back now. Why am I dancing you ask?




Today I escaped the office and it was a perrrrffect day. First I had a massage (I got a voucher as a birthday present and have only just got round to redeeming it) and then we headed off to Ynys Hir for a walk in the clear beautiful mountain air.


We saw a male hen harrier, but I didn’t get a photo of that. (Apparently you’re not meant to ask if it’s the one that looks like a seagull when you’re standing next to hardcore birdwatchers)


We also saw Scaup near Borth, which is pretty rare. The photo is rubbish but it’s proof anyway.

(Apparently you’re not meant to call is a Skort when you’re standing next to hardcore birdwatchers) (I don’t know how J puts up with me).


Oh yeah, and then we saw this:


And then I died.


And then when I came back to life I took this photo



See, I told you it was a perfect day 🙂

Pembrokeshire in Pictures

17 Dec

Here are some photos from our brief time in Pembrokeshire. There aren’t many, and most of them aren’t very good because it was SOOOOO cold and windy and I couldn’t bear to take my gloves off to handle the camera!

Along the coast path near Porthgain

Stormy Seas….did I mention it was COLD?!

Josh lives the rural dream

Black and White Wednesday

14 Nov

Last Wednesday I managed to drag myself out of the comatose state of exhaustion I have spent most of my recent days off in, for long enough to get out into the countryside for a walk. It has been too long. Too long without hearing birds, and feeling mud underneath my feet and TOO LONG WITHOUT TAKING PHOTOS!

So what that it was raining and cloudy and dark…that just gives an excuse to take some photos in black and white!


I’m thinking of entering this next photo into Wildlife Photographer of the year…


I mean, if this photo can win because it ‘captures the essence of the hare’ could you say that I was capturing the essence of the pheasant?! (image from here)






How to go for a walk…

28 Aug

…Will, Anna, Becky, Hannah, Josh and Rachel style!

 1. Peruse a map of your local area and notice that one of the nearby hills is called Welshie Law. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter that the surrounding land could be a midge infested bog, this is an adventure! And it’s called Welshie, you have to climb it!

2. Arrive at the tiny village of Yarrow to begin your walk, only to find that there is a huge funeral being held there and that every sensible parking space is taken.

3. Drive out of village. Do perilous three point turn in farm gate. Lose hub cap.

4. Park inappropriately at the side of the road and awkwardly walk out of the village avoiding eye contact with the steady stream of mourners walking the other way.


5. Find hub cap at the side of the road. Decide it would be too embarrassing to run back to the car past the mourners so carry it on the walk instead.



6. Find path.


7. Act out the Christmas story to keep yourself amused (only advisable if you’re walking with children’s workers)


8. Remember half way up the hill that you’re ridiculously unfit. Feel like legs will fall off. Dump all bags on the ‘fit one’ (read: Josh)



 9. Remember that the big bottle of insect spray you bought especially for the trip is still back at the cottage. Proceed to be attacked by flies.


10. Admire the amazing view from the top of the hill. Feel like it was well worth the toil after all. Eat lunch, take photos, play Frisbee.




11. Walk down other side of hill and realise you have lost the path. Consult map. Trespass on farm property and worry you are about to be shot by farmers.



12. Finally make it back to the inappropriately parked cars and head home, happy.

 13. Eat cake