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Sunsets and Starlings

5 Mar

Two of the (many) highlights of living in Aberystwyth can be experienced within 3 minutes of my front door.

Firstly, with nothing to the west of us except sea we get the most wonderful sunsets throughout the year.

Secondly, we are so lucky to have one of the most amazing natural spectacles taking place every day right next to where we live throughout the winter months.

Every day thousands and thousands of starlings come into roost under the pier and form the most beautiful aerial displays. Having several hundred birds swooping down around you as they dive under the pier is something that must be experienced!

I’m trying to etch these memories in my mind for when we’re stuck in the city!


Josh’s birthday fun – day one (Tuesday)

24 Mar



Wow, how busy can I get without my head exploding and making an unsightly mark on the church office ceiling? Things have been manic in both personal and work life and so I haven’t had time to even think about posting until now.

A whole week has passed since our yurt experience began and it already feels like a lifetime ago. All the beautiful spring whether has disappeared as well, to be replaced by the predictable Welsh rain…booo…hiss.


ANYWAY, I shall endeavour to remember what happened a week ago with the help of some photos!

More about the yurt experience!