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Saturday Steals: Swap Party Finds

22 Jan

This is posted in conjunction with Camille’s Saturday Steals over at Archives of our Lives


As I’ve been ranting about swap parties recently I thought it would be good to share some of the great clothes that I have picked up at our most recent parties, and all for FREE!

1. Some cardigans (including the white one that I prayed for!) and an arty swishy skirt.

2. These are my favourite EVER swaps. Love, love, LOVE this red long sleeve top and a great knitted tank which looks great over any long sleeved top.

3. I also picked up these nice tops. The grey one is very versatile and looks great on (sorry about the bad photo!). It had been left over ‘til last because it looks a bit weird on the hanger, but it suits me well. The person I got it off said it had been hanging in her wardrobe for five years, and now I wear it all the time!


4. I also picked up some nice ‘slobbing’ hoodies which are good to wear around the house.

Have you picked up any steals recently? If so, head over to Camille’s and let us know…


The one where she rants about Swap Parties

19 Jan

What is a swap party?

The basic premise of a swap party – unsurprisingly – is to swap your things. Everyone brings along things they no longer want, you chuck it all in a pile and grab anything that takes your fancy. I’ve been to formal parties where you’re only allowed to swap clothes or jewellery, but most of our parties are just with friends where we swap anything from clothes to toiletries to cleaning products to books and DVDs.

Why I love swap parties so much

  1. They help me to de-clutter.
    They say that you should clear out your house like you’re planning to move twice a year. Swap parties help to give me the motivation to look through every room in my house [and especially my wardrobe] to see what I don’t really use anymore. Anything that is not swapped is taken to a charity shop, so it doesn’t really matter if you’re trying to swap really old stuff. It’s still a good motivation to get rid of it if you no longer use it.
  2. They help me stick to my new year’s resolution.
    I’ve got a lot of clothes, and really I don’t need to buy any from year to year. But you know what it’s like…occasionally you just want to jazz up your wardrobe so you feel like you’re not just wearing the same old things day after day.
    Swap parties are an EXCELLENT opportunity to do just that…and all for FREE. Also, if you decide you don’t like the item you claimed you can just swap it again next party!
  3. You get to own clothes you wouldn’t normally buy.
    I have a few arty friends who always have beautiful clothes and I always cheer inside when we have swap parties together. I have got several items of clothing that I wouldn’t have thought to buy but that I now LOVE. It’s easier to experiment with new styles when the clothes are free!
  4. They are FUN, FUN, FUN!
    A group of girls with wine, nibbles, and lots and lots of clothes? Need I say more?!


Have you ever been to a swap party? What was the best thing you claimed?