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Snow is falling

20 Nov

Today I decorated the bookshop for Christmas. It’s a little earlier than I would normally do it, but because I’m not at work next week I needed to get it done.


One of the main components of my red and white winter theme were these large, hanging 3D snowflakes.


I’ve had so many compliments on these, but they’re actually really easy to make. Here’s how…

  1. Get six pieces of square paper and fold them in half diagonally.

  2. In the first triangular piece of paper, cut four lines each side of the triangle from the folded edge, but be careful not to cut right through the unfolded edge too.

    It’s easier to get a symmetrical cut if you fold the triangle in half and just do four cuts.

  3. Unfold your paper so that it is a diamond shape.
  4. Roll the innermost 2 lines together into a tube and tape together.

  5. Flip the diamond over and do the same thing with the next paper lines.

  6. Keep turning the paper and making tubes out of the paper lines, until all of the lines are joined.

  7. Repeat this process with the other 5 bits of paper.
  8. Now you have to join all the ‘arms’ together into a star shape. It’s easiest if you hold three together at first, and staple them together. Then do the same thing with the other three and staple the two together.

  9. To secure the ‘star’ shape staple where each of the six arms meet.


You can change the size of the snowflake by changing the size of the paper square you begin with, so that they can be used as hanging decorations or tree hangings.


A Saturday Steal and a bit of creativity

24 Apr

This is posted in conjuntion with Camille’s Saturday Steals over at Archives of our Lives.


I’ve got a bit of a thing for funky hairclips at the moment, but as we’re meant to be saving for our holiday I haven’t been able to buy any.

However, when I was down in Devon I was inspired by one of my niece’s hairclips, which had been made for her by one of their family friends.


I soon realised that it would be super easy to make, so I got to work!

First, I cut out two flower templates one slightly bigger than the other, and pinned them to scraps of coloured felt and cut them out.


Then I pinned the small flower to the bigger flower and sewed round the edge to join the two together using contrasting cotton.


Then I positioned a colourful button in the middle of the flower and a hair-clip at the back and sewed on the button and the clip with the same thread to make everything secure.




…and it only cost  around 60p to make. A steal!

Hilarious Knitting

31 Jan



I love knitting. I find it so relaxing and therapeutic. I also love it because most of the time I’m just giggling away to myself because I am so bad at it!


I’ve recently started a hat which was part of a set I received for Christmas. I’m pretty sure that I have got the right side and the wrong side mixed up because it looks a bit weird. I also have 2 extra stitches but I don’t understand why – I followed the instructions exactly!

What I find most peculiar though is that the pattern tells you to ‘decrease for crown’ for five rows, and ‘cut yarn, leaving a 24” tail’ and then ‘with yarn tail threaded…’

Yes? I have my yarn tail threaded….now what?!?!?!?!

Am I missing something here? Is it some secret knitter’s code for cast off and sew up, or are the instructions just misprinted?

Can someone help me please?!!!




P.S If you like knitting check out SereKnitty. Unlike me, she can actually knit.