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The mystery is solved

19 Feb

It’s officially official…I can’t see 3D movies.


I have wondered about it for a long time, even back in the days when you were given goofy cardboard specs with green and red lenses, but I was never sure until now.

You see, I have a lazy eye. I had it corrected when I was about five but by that time damage was already done. My brain couldn’t cope with the fact my left eye wasn’t cooperating and so it just filtered out most of my vision. I can still see using the eye but the vision isn’t great.

With the new trend of 3D cinema it got me worrying about whether I would be able to see anything, or whether everything would be blurry and I’d just feel sea sick.

Last night we went to see Toy Story 2 in 3D to welcome back Thomas and Rachael who are visiting Aberystwth this week.

Thankfully I COULD see the film. Things looked blurry when I had the glasses off, but with them on things became clear…like normal.

HOWEVER, I couldn’t see things in 3D. It was just like watching a normal film, nothing felt like it was coming out of the screen right towards me.

So, now I know. I guess it doesn’t matter that much. Am I missing out? Is 3D cinema going to be the future?



6 Feb

I just love to watch films. I think it’s just a form of escapism because I’m perfectly happy to curl up for hours with a good novel too. Josh and I watch at least one film a week and it’s something we like to do together to relax.

However, I am really sensitive to violent films and horror films. To watch a scary or violent film is about as far from relaxing as I can get. They scare me.


Take the scary film we accidently rented the other night – Knowing with Nicolas Cage. It’s about a guy who finds a code – written 50 years before – which has accurately predicted every major disaster that has occurred in the previous fifty years, with three incidents still left to happen.

There’s one particular plane crash scene which is basically just a couple of minutes of carnage, screaming and people running around burning to death.

At least that’s what Josh told me happened. I wouldn’t know – I was underneath the covers with my fingers in my ears humming a happy tune.


People probably think I’m far too sensitive…‘Knowing’ is rated a 15 and the CGI wasn’t even that great, but still, I just don’t want to see that kind of thing! I’ve got a ridiculously over active imagination and I know that I will end up thinking about it over and over again.

I even found Sherlock Holmes a bit scary and that is rated to be suitable for under twelve’s. I just don’t understand what criteria they use when they rate these films. Fine, it didn’t have any sex in it and there wasn’t much swearing. But it was really quite violent and someone burnt to death in it too.

I just wouldn’t want my child to be watching something like that and for them to see it again when they close their eyes at night.
But maybe that is why I am so sensitive, because I wasn’t even allowed to watch power rangers when I was younger because it was deemed too violent.
But I think that’s okay. I am glad that I haven’t been completely desensitised to violence by watching it from a very young age. I think sometimes, when that happens we forget that when real disasters/ violence happens there are actually real people involved with real families and emotions.

For now, I’m seriously considering only renting out films with a rating under 15.

SO what do you think? What film rating are you happy to watch? Do you think I’m being over sensitive? What films would you recommend we watch?

Erm…Six Fact Saturday?!

30 Jan

I had a sneaking suspicion my five fact Fridays wouldn’t hold out! I didn’t post yesterday because I felt like my week had been quiet. Work has been ridiculously slow because my boss is away in Africa, and I didn’t want to bore you with the trivial.

However, I have just been reading back over the last six months of blog entries and have just realised afresh how much I appreciate keeping a blog! I have been giggling away about memories I have recorded and photos that we have shared. I know there was a big gap in the middle where I hardly blogged at all, and I feel like a lot of people (understandably) stopped reading then – but I have decided that even if no-one is reading this I’m still going to keep recording my day-to-day activities because it’s good to remember for ME.

Oh, wait! Grr. This is meant to be a fact post…Okay…

1. My week has been quiet and work has been boring!

2. I really appreciate my blog and even though no one reads it, I will still keep posting.

3. I AM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy at the moment! This year has been so great so far! Even though life is quiet we have still done a lot of nice, relaxing things. I am cooking and baking again (new recipe to come soon), I am taking photos and I have spent some quality time with my wonderful friends and my lovely husband…

4. …who by the way bought me flowers AND took me out on a surprise restaurant date this week! Either he has smashed something that he hasn’t told me about yet OR he is a looovelly and marriage is fab! (Yes, I like the second option best too)


5. We have watched two great films this week. We went to the cinema to watch Sherlock Holmes on Wednesday which was a really good film (although it’s rated 12a and I thought it was a bit freaky at times!). We also watched My Sisters Keeper which was really well made too. I like how Nick Cassavetes deals with real life issues (like Alzheimer’s and cancer), but doesn’t focus on it – making the people and the family ties the thing that you really remember from the story.


6. A lady from church just bought me a surprise present! It’s a really soft bunny which you warm in the microwave and it smells like lavender. It was a total surprise and such a kind gesture! HAPPY!

Just out of interest, if you are still reading why not comment so I know you’re still around!?

Christmas isn’t Christmas without…

18 Dec


A Muppet Christmas Carol sing-along!

Brings me such joy!


Love Film?

11 Apr

Josh and I love to watch films. Although I haven’t seen many of the classics that you find in the ‘Top 50 to see before you die’ charts I have probably seen an above average amount of films.


We don’t have a TV because (a) it’s a luxury we can’t really afford at the moment and (b) there are only a couple of programmes we actually enjoy watching and the rest is trash which wastes your time and stops you actually spending time together (sorry, I won’t even start ranting on about that!) so watching films on our laptop is a good way to relax when we just want to slump on the sofa, eat, and not think.

We have just joined up to Lovefilm.com which offers DVDs through the post with a variety of different options and tariffs giving you different numbers of DVDs over different time periods (incidentally there is a freebie here – they give 2 weeks free trial with no obligation). We’re not sure if it going to be worth it as we don’t really spend that much on DVDs at the moment as we borrow them off others, but then don’t often get the titles we really want to see!


The last two films we have watched have both been based on true life events.  ‘World Trade Centre’ and ‘Into the Wild’.


World Trade Centre…well you don’t really need me to give you a synopsis of that. We all know what happened on September 11th 2001. This is a really good film, sensitively done too. However, I didn’t really like it and I wish I hadn’t watched it. I guess I could be accused of hiding my head in the sand a little but it just reminded me that this type of thing is happening every day and that the risk is always there of it happening again on such a big scale. Although you could say the film had a ‘happy’ ending it still brought back the pain that so many families must have felt that day. You could say it’s good to remember (the good that came out of that day, as well as the bad) but I still prefer not to be as it just made me upset.


Into the Wild is based on the life of Christopher McCandless a college graduate who decided to cut free, burn his money and travel round America. Although the film doesn’t shy away from the negative and more selfish angle of what he did it does portray things in quite a romantic way and makes you feel like you should live a more carefree lifestyle.

However, he may have had an exciting time but reading around after watching the film just highlights that he wasn’t really prepared for what he got himself into and his actions were pretty selfish. I think the outcome echoes that. Having said that I would really recommend this as a well shot and interesting film. I just think you need to read around the subject a bit more if you are actually interested in the real person behind the story.