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Five Fact Friday

4 Feb

1. Josh is back from his interview! I’m so happy to have him home!
Thank you so, so, so much for all those who prayed for us while he was at his interview. It means so much to us that friends and family were praying, along with lots of bloggy friends from across the world that we’ve never even met!
Two big answers to prayer were a) he felt like he didn’t have to compromise himself at all during the stay and b) he feels happy with how everything went. Even if he doesn’t get through we’ll just know it’s God’s guidance and he won’t be kicking himself wishing he’d done something differently.
We might have to wait until the 21st Feb to hear the result of his interview though! How will I wait that long?!

2. I recently found this interview online with one of the Chilean Miners who was trapped back in September. It’s very inspiring. I had no idea that 22 of the 33 miners became Christians when they were down the mine!

3. You might remember that I ranted about my Welsh classes a few weeks ago. Well, they’re actually going much better recently. We’ve had a temporary teacher for the last two weeks and she only speaks Welsh to us. It’s a totally new style of learning to get used to but I find it so helpful! It helps break the sound barrier too which means that I’m not so embarrassed to speak in front of people.  Whoop!

4. Completely random – we went for a walk the other day and snooped at Robert Plant’s house [lead singer of Led Zeppelin]. He has tons of sheep all up the valley and it amused me he’d put his initials on every one.

5. I’m having a day off today, which is lovely. We’re going to go to see The King’s Speech at the cinema tonight. Has anyone seen it? Should I get sweet or salted popcorn? I can never decide!


Five Fact Friday

28 Jan

1. Last night I went to my first Zumba class. It’s like a mix of aerobics and Latin dance and it’s a lot of fun. I went by myself so it was a bit weird to start with as it was quick and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but by the end I was picking up some of the moves and felt like I was getting a good workout. At least I could do the salsa bits without too much problem!

2. My liquidiser has died. BOOOHOOOO! The jug has a crack in it and soup was flying everywhere so I need to try and find a replacement jug [and wash my jumper].

3. I heard today that people are panic buying chocolate due to a predicted chocolate drought. Apparently sustainable resources are running out due to political unrest in the Ivory Coast. I’m sure this is just media hype and things will be sorted out, but can you imagine not having chocolate available? I once tried to give up chocolate but it’s everywhere!

4. I’ve been researching spiritual gifts again because it’s surprising how many people think that they don’t have any. According to this test I have the gift of serving, giving, leadership and teaching. I think it’s hilarious that leadership and teaching have come up because I’m the most reluctant person to be in front of people. I much prefer to hide under my duvet, but it’s obvious too how God has used Josh and me and has equipped us. I love seeing how he works.

5. I am very excited to be participating in the Blog Bible Study from 1st Feb. We’re going to be going through the book ‘A Woman after God’s Own Heart’. There’s still chance to grab a book and join in. Check back after the 9th for our discussion on the first chapter.

Quick questions
1. Have you ever done Zumba?
2. Could you live without chocolate?
3. What are you spiritual gifts?

Happy Friday friends!

Erm…Six Fact Saturday?!

30 Jan

I had a sneaking suspicion my five fact Fridays wouldn’t hold out! I didn’t post yesterday because I felt like my week had been quiet. Work has been ridiculously slow because my boss is away in Africa, and I didn’t want to bore you with the trivial.

However, I have just been reading back over the last six months of blog entries and have just realised afresh how much I appreciate keeping a blog! I have been giggling away about memories I have recorded and photos that we have shared. I know there was a big gap in the middle where I hardly blogged at all, and I feel like a lot of people (understandably) stopped reading then – but I have decided that even if no-one is reading this I’m still going to keep recording my day-to-day activities because it’s good to remember for ME.

Oh, wait! Grr. This is meant to be a fact post…Okay…

1. My week has been quiet and work has been boring!

2. I really appreciate my blog and even though no one reads it, I will still keep posting.

3. I AM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy at the moment! This year has been so great so far! Even though life is quiet we have still done a lot of nice, relaxing things. I am cooking and baking again (new recipe to come soon), I am taking photos and I have spent some quality time with my wonderful friends and my lovely husband…

4. …who by the way bought me flowers AND took me out on a surprise restaurant date this week! Either he has smashed something that he hasn’t told me about yet OR he is a looovelly and marriage is fab! (Yes, I like the second option best too)


5. We have watched two great films this week. We went to the cinema to watch Sherlock Holmes on Wednesday which was a really good film (although it’s rated 12a and I thought it was a bit freaky at times!). We also watched My Sisters Keeper which was really well made too. I like how Nick Cassavetes deals with real life issues (like Alzheimer’s and cancer), but doesn’t focus on it – making the people and the family ties the thing that you really remember from the story.


6. A lady from church just bought me a surprise present! It’s a really soft bunny which you warm in the microwave and it smells like lavender. It was a total surprise and such a kind gesture! HAPPY!

Just out of interest, if you are still reading why not comment so I know you’re still around!?

Five Fact Friday

22 Jan

1. This week I have loved: the small pleasures in life, like playing board games with my hubby, making pancakes, romantic gestures and a clean house.

2. This week I have hated: people being mean on the internet. I have had a few ‘hater’ comments on my YouTube account recently. While the comments weren’t exactly nice to read, I wasn’t really upset by them. What made me really sad was that those people don’t have anything better to do with their precious time than to sit on YouTube and write an unconstructive comment which has no point but to offend and put someone else down. I feel bad for them that they can’t have a very happy life and that they seem to have forgotten that behind every website there is a real person with feelings. Cheer up people.

 3. As part of my make more effort (not to get fat) resolution I went jogging for the first time in AGES this week. Needless to say I felt awful and nearly vommed on the seafront. However, I am reliably informed by my brother-in-law that it will eventually make me feel great, so I am going to persevere.

4. I added some new recipes to my recipe book this week. I’ve had this book since I was about ten. It’s battered and stained but I use it all the time and only my favourite recipes make it in. Many of the recipes are copied out of my Mum’s own battered and stained recipe book back at home, and I hope that one day I can pass mine on in the same way.

5. I went to a swap party this week. Some of my favourite clothes are from swap parties – and the best bit was that they were completely free! If you have never been to a swap party before, organise one NOW! Basically, everyone brings along books, clothes, jewellery and household items (or anything they no-longer want), puts them in a big pile and you all muddle through it and grab what you want. It’s so much fun and means you can get whole new outfits without having to buy something new.

I hope you have had a good week too?